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Juicy Cheeks

What Is Juicy Cheeks?

Thanks for your interest in Juicy Cheeks! This is an all new workout program that has exercises to specifically target your butt.

What’s in the workout?

We can tell you what’s not. These aren’t your cookie-cutter diet of boring old squats and deadlifts that everyone always preaches. These are 15 of the most preeminent fat-burning, butt-building, curve crafting, workouts that you’ve never heard of. Quick, easy, and tailor-made to your own personal fitness level, if you blink you’ll miss how fast these workouts turn your low budget booty into a high-class ass!


What Do You Get?

  • Interactive eBook
  • 4K Looping Videos
  • Targeted Butt-Lifting Moves
  • Works on Android
  • Works on iPhone
  • Plays on Mac and Windows!
  • 2 Trial Bottles of Lipovextra & Vitaliplex!

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