Corolabs Ltd. was established shortly after the onset of the COVID-19 outburst in Israel, after it became evident that COVID-19 mortality occurs as a result of deep lung infections triggered by the coronavirus. Corolabs was established by OLS (Omega Life Science Ltd.), a company with ten years' experience in the field of deep lung nebulization.

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COVID-19 is only one of many pathogenic agents surrounding us. Despite the recent recession of the pandemic in some places, health organizations recognize the fact that the world has entered into the age of pandemics.

The human respiratory system is the main battlefield. It is not only the gateway for the virus to invade the body, but also it is the area that, when infected, leads to severe damage and, ultimately, death. Being so vulnerable, the lungs must be protected against intruders and treated once they have already caused damage.

Preventive and therapeutic means against lung infection require reaching the deepest area of lungs, where the damage takes place, namely the alveoli.

Existing inhalation systems fail to reach this area, and therefore many medications that might have been useful are practically ineffective.

Corolabs' deep lung nebulizer, called Alphazer, is a proprietary inhalation system, specifically designed to deliver medications to the alveoli. Thanks to this capability, infections can be treated, preferably before reaching a critical stage. Even more so, the lungs can act as a portal for systemic delivery of medications such as antibiotics, anti-virals, steroids, and other drugs that are either ineffective when injected or involve dangerous side effects that rule out their use.



Our product is a proprietary drug-device-combination, consisting of patented formulations, packaged in dedicated drug cartridges, that plug into a unique deep lung nebulizer. Different types of cartridges are made for different therapeutic indications. There are two device types:

LifeMyst and Alphazer.



An airways disinfectant inhaler, a non-prescription product, provided with pre-filled cartridges, sold over the counter.



A handheld deep lung nebulizer, enables the administration of a variety of medications, provided in dedicated cartridges, for home and hospital use.

A professional, hospital-grade system also exists, for bedside operation, as well as integration with a mechanical ventilator.

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