Corolabs develops devices combined with medications for pulmonary drug delivery.
Its disruptive technology is poised to revolutionize the delivery of medications to the deep lung.
Corolabs’ Alphazer inhalation device generates aerosol with droplets in the sub-micron size range.
Due to their minute size, the droplets can penetrate the deep lung, a region which is currently
inaccessible using traditional inhalation technologies.​


Corolabs’ solution enables for the first time, effective delivery of active compounds into the deep lung.
The compounds are approved medications repurposed for inhalation. The Corolabs platform enables localized
treatment of a variety of pulmonary diseases and can potentially replace systemic treatment.


Corolabs’ PL1 technology is based on a scientific discovery in the fields of fluid dynamics and the interaction of airflows with thin liquid films. The PL1 platform is a porous medium based nebulizer, developed for use with aqueous solutions.


Poorly soluble compounds are difficult to aerosolize using existing nebulizers such as jet nebulizers and vibrating mesh nebulizers. Furthermore, existing aerosolization technologies have great difficulties in generating droplets smaller than 3 microns.
The company’s latest technology, PL3, targets applications facilitating the delivery of poorly soluble compounds which necessitate high drug payloads yet require droplets smaller than 2 microns for efficient delivery to the central and peripheral lung. In vitro measurements have demonstrated aerosolization capability of inhaled corticosteroids, enabling efficient combination therapy.




Alphazer® is composed of a disposable drug cartridge that fits onto a hand-held reusable base. 

it generates soft mist based on a porous medium. Its distinctive technology enables nebulization of aqueous solutions via a handheld, breath-actuated device.

Comprising a durable unit and consumable disposable cartridge, not requiring cleaning, the Alphazer® presents a hassle-free, no maintenance “plug and play” device, for the delivery of active substances to the lungs. Moreover, the system generates a soft mist cloud which requires neither breath coordination nor manipulation from the part of the user.

The Alphazer® technology can be employed in localized lung deposition as well as in systemic drug delivery. It is suitable for a variety of potential applications.


The Alphazer® technology stands out from the crowd of existing products by its ability to produce droplet sizes ranging from sub-micron to microns, making it suitable to numerous potential applications.


The platform benefits from a solid intellectual property foundation consisting of seven patent families. The technology shows at its current stage that it can be employed in conventional therapies for local administration in both lung and nose.


Product Advantages:


  • Handheld
  • Small mass-median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD)
  • High fine particle fraction (FPF)
  • “Soft mist”
  • Disposable aerosolizing element eliminates the need for cleaning and minimizes contamination-associated risks


The Alphazer® platform offers a unique proposition for pharmaceutical companies that are currently in early stage clinical trials with new therapeutic entities (NTEs), intended to be delivered to the deep lung, including systemic delivery via the lungs.


  • The effect of the inhaled solution’s physiochemical properties on the aerosol produced by the Alphazer® platform has been thoroughly investigated and can be beneficial in formulating towards desired properties.
  • Physical factors such as air velocity and aerosolization times can be easily fine-tuned through the control unit and assist in adapting the device to the formulation.
  • The use of disposable aerosolization elements circumvents the need for device cleaning and maintenance during studies.


Corolabs has a strong patent portfolio that protects its delivery system and repurposed medications.
Each drug-device combination will be protected by a specific patent.